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Review: Other People's Teeth at the Hen and Chickens Theatre

I love London. Anywhere you go, you will be able to find a tiny, dark theatre over a pub.
What these tiny pub theatres provide is not only two of my favourite things (reasonably-priced entertainment - and booze) but also the perfect place for emerging fringe theatre to find its feet. And this is particularly useful for shows being taken to Edinburgh.
Small, manageable audiences in a space small enough to gauge their every reaction will give you a better sense of what to fine-tune than ten reviews full of constructive criticism. But I’m going to write a review with some constructive criticism in it anyway. Sod it.

This week, the spotlight of my deep knowledge and incisive wit (lolz) is focussed on “Other People’s Teeth”, a piece by exciting new theatre company, “Want the Moon”. The story centres on Joss, a hitwoman, fairly new to the job, and eager to impress her boss, Sol. When she meets the geeky-but-charming Simon in a DVD store (wow, this show is already a bit dated, I feel so old…

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